Support us in your own way.

For those willing to help: An annual membership in “Siguranta pentru Copii – Geborgenheit für Kinder e.V.” is 30,- Euro (minimum contribution),

A house sponsorship is 30,- € per month.

Individual donations are always welcome and very appreciated.

We are of course entitled to issue donation receipts and provide information about our activities and our finances at any time – stay in touch with your contribution.

Things we achieved so far


Setting up and maintaining "family houses" comparable to the principle of "SOS Children's Villages", where there is always someone there for the children and a couple provides the security of a "foster family".​


Helping children with both school-related and personal challenges and encouraging them to discover their individual strengths through regular trips and summer camps, diverse activities and a close exchange with Germany.

Someone, who stands by you

The children are supported by a psychologist and a social worker and can stay with us after graduating from school until they have completed their education or are otherwise able to choose for themselves, responsibly.

Supply and Aid Transports

Structural assistance to the community of Checea and surrounding areas through renovations of schools and other institutions, donated vehicles and equipment, long-term networking and help for the community.

Leave hospitalism behind us.

After a short time in the comfort of a family home, the symptoms of early trauma largely disappear.