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Phone: +49 6022/623715
Fax: +49 6022/623569
Address: Hans-Sachs-Weg 14, 63785 Obernburg

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to support us with an annual membership, a house sponsorship or a donation. To help us with a single donation, you can use the IBAN below.

We are always happy to provide you with detailed information about our activities and our finances –  stay in touch with your donation.

We are also happy to take interested people to Checea – which can be exhausting, but very informative.

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1. Chairwoman:
Marianne Herbold, 
Hans-Sachs-Weg 14, 63785 Obernburg, Tel.+49 6022/623715,
Fax 623569

Deputy Chairman:
Hubert Klimmer,
Mömlingtalring 81, 63785 Obernburg,
Tel. +49 6022/5260

Deputy Chairman:
Helmut Wollbeck,
Untere Wallstr. 29, 63785 Obernburg,
Tel. +49 6022/4323

Finance and Public Relations:
Dr. med. Hans Ludwig Herbold,
Tel. +49 6022/623017,
Fax 62356

Praxis: Wendelinusplatz 163785 Obernburg.